Your Private Terrace Garden at 1410 The Residences

A terrace garden is an incredible way to introduce greenery into your life, home or workspace. Cultivated on a terrace, patio, or a rooftop, a terrace garden is the ultimate utilization of space to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home.

Here at 1410 The Residences, we’ve created the ideal terrace garden for you. Step out onto your private terrace garden as a break from the daily hustle bustle of the city. Complete with a wooden deck and a raised bed of lush green grass, relax and soak in the greenery and city views! Here’s presenting your little corner of paradise.

Let’s take a look at the various perspectives of the proposed private terrace garden and gazebo.

Using space intelligently is the key to making your terrace garden work; seats that double up as storage, wall-mounted flower pots or herb planters and even folding furniture help free up precious square-footage. We look forward to helping you personalize your terrace space at 1410 The Residences!